Friday, July 15, 2016

Serum to the rescue

As I get older skin care becomes more important. I worry about all of the damage I may have already done and am obsessed with preventing any further damage. I read every article and blog post on skin care I can get my hands on. YouTube and my favorite beauty vloggers are my go to for advice and product reviews. Needless to say I am consumed with finding the fountain of youth in a bottle. The latest products on my radar are serums. Serums are popping up on shelves everywhere. If you are not sure exactly what a serum is I suggest checking out the article on Into the Gloss entitled What Is Face Serum?

The department stores and Sephora carry a variety of serums on their shelves.  One of my favorites is Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum . This product targets multiple issues such as fine lines, dark spots and skin elasticity.  This will definitely help streamline your skin care regime. If you haven't tried Clinique's All About Eyes eye cream than what have you been doing with your life? It is so soft and moisturizing.  I use it like an eye primer.  So brace yourself, now Clinique has a All About Eyes Serum. Come to mama. I haven't picked it up yet but will be hopefully soon.  Hopefully there will be a gift with purchase event soon.

 For a good product that works I have no problem paying a higher price but I love it when I can find a drugstore dupe for a high end product. I've heard but haven't confirmed that Garnier's Clearly Brighter Anti Puff Eye Roller is a dupe for the Clinique All About Eyes Serum.  That would be awesome if it is.  They have the same ingredients and target the same issues so it looks promising.  If you've tried either or both of them let me know.

Also at the drugstore and Ulta are two more serums that I love.  First is another Garnier product called Ultra Lift 2n1 Moisturizer and Serum. Again we have another product that helps you streamline your skin care regime.  In my opinion the less amount of products you use the faster you can get done and the more likely you are to do it everyday. I am also a big fan of Olay's Regenerist Micro Scrulpting Serum. It's lightweight and helps firm up your skin.  When i'm 60 i'll need to bathe in it.

I love to hear from ya'll so let me know what serums you are loving or hating.  

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