Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quick and easy makeup bag cleanup

Every now and then we need to clean out our makeup bag. This keeps everything organized, helps us rediscover things we hadn't been using and lets us know what new products we need. So here is a quick little checklist. 1. Empty all the contents onto a clean flat surface such as a counter top. You want to use a surface that is easy to clean up just in case something spills. 2. Get rid of anything that is old and expired. Toss broken pencils and lipsticks. If your mascara or liquid eyeliner is more than four months old toss it. 3. Wipe down everything from the bag to all the products with a damp cloth. Let dry. 4. Now it’s time to reassess everything. Are you using everything? Do you really need everything here or can you get rid of something? Is there anything that you need to purchase or restock up on? 5. In an organized fashion, repack everything into the bag. You also might want to consider some of the nice organizing trays that are available. Try to keep like products together so that you can find things fast. If you do this on a regular basis it doesn't take too long. I hope this helped. Ciao

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